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Remedies to reduce Cholesterol



Remedies to reduce Cholesterol

Remedies to reduce Cholesterol

You need to know that cholesterol is very good for our health. But diseases start when it starts accumulating in the blood cells. In this condition, the blood circulation gets disrupted, and the heart has to pump more than before to deliver blood to all parts of the body.

There are two types of cholesterol, low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL).

Out of this, our LDL is bad for health, while HDL is good.

Mainly, cholesterol helps in controlling hormones. Helps to keep the body healthy by absorbing toxins from the blood. Cholesterol is necessary for the brain to function properly. Cholesterol is essential for making vitamins from sunlight falling on the body.

The level of cholesterol in the blood should be in the range of 3.6 to 7.8 millimoles per liter. When this level reaches 6 millimoles per liter, it is called high cholesterol. But after 7.8 millimoles/litre, the risk of heart attack increases.

There are some special reasons for high cholesterol such as :

  • weight gain
  • no physical exertion
  • negligence in eating
  • genetic

The symptoms of increasing cholesterol are like this:

  • high blood pressure
  • get tired early
  • quick gasp
  • In a diabetic patient, due to increased sugar level, when the blood becomes thick etc.

Tips To Lower Cholesterol:

Aloe Vera: Eating 50 grams of aloe vera daily on an empty stomach can be done in cholesterol control.

Coriander: Soak coriander leaves in fresh water overnight and drink its water in the morning. Also chew soaked coriander and eat it.

Sprouted grains: If sprouted pulses are called the friend of the heart, then it will not be wrong. Daily consumption of sprouted pulses reduces bad cholesterol. You can take at least half a cup of beans like rajma, gram, moong, soybean and urad in any form of soup, salad or vegetable in your day’s meal.

Nuts: Eating oats for breakfast in the morning is a great start to a healthy day. Taking oatmeal porridge daily for breakfast for 6 weeks can reduce LDL by up to 5.3%.

Wine: Those who are fond of drinking wine, keep their passion intact. Drinking a little red grape wine twice a week helps in reducing cholesterol.

Green tea: Green tea has much less caffeine than coffee. Also, anti-oxidants that keep the body fit and healthy are also high in green-tea. Drinking green-tea daily increases the body’s immunity, which makes it easier to reduce bad cholesterol.

Fish: It is easy to reduce cholesterol even for those who eat fish. Actually, our body needs healthy fatty acids and amino acids. In addition to providing the body with energy and vitamin D, fish is rich in healthy fatty acids and amino acids, which are useful in lowering cholesterol.

Dry fruits: According to the American Heart Association, eating dried fruits is very important for our health, because they are rich in protein, fiber and vitamin-E. Also healthy fatty acids are found in dry fruits which are not processed into chemicals. And it is very effective in reducing cholesterol. So now you eat a handful of dry fruits daily.

Reduce obesity: Obesity is one of the major reasons for increasing cholesterol. Do not allow weight gain to increase your risk of high cholesterol. Excess obesity is a cause of high cholesterol as well as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Do yoga and exercise . Don’t wait to gain weight for yoga and exercise. By doing yoga, blood circulation remains fine, prevents heart diseases, and increases immunity.


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